Premier Partner with Stream Coach

July 8, 2021
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July 8, 2021 chase peterson

Premier Partner with Stream Coach


StreamCoach.TV and Premier Announce Partnership to Help Content Creators Thrive

StreamCoach.TV and Premier Announce Partnership to Help Content Creators Thrive

Becoming a content creator online is probably one of the toughest mountains to climb. It’s an especially challenging world out there for streamers, particularly those that want to stand out from the rest and count themselves among the best on Twitch and other platforms.

Perhaps that’s why calling in the experts to help give you some guidance if you’re just starting out probably isn’t such a bad idea.


Meet your new coach –

Founded in 2020 by a group of veterans of the field that wanted to share their mastery with the wider world, StreamCoach helps tens of thousands of streamers every single day with their craft.

Aimed at helping content creators “go live” and “thrive,” StreamCoach is bringing dreams into reality with expert guidance, insights, and a community of like-minded individuals that want the best for each other and seek nothing less for themselves.

And to help everyone take things to the next level in their streaming careers, StreamCoach
and Premier are proud to announce a collaborative partnership that they hope will give more
people access to the fundamentals of successful streaming online.

Catering to streamers wherever they are in their career journey, StreamCoach.TV has a range of products that meet the unique and varied needs of their clients.

For those that prefer a more academic, textual approach, the group has made their “Build Your
Dream: Stream” book available on their website to visitors that would like to get a taste of their expertise and insights. Streamers that would like to go a little bit beyond a book have the option of enrolling in a dynamic and engaging Stream Coach Academy. As the name implies, this series of courses will
help take a streamer from beginner to seeing their content as part of a business.

Divided into six content focuses with a pre-course module, additional resources, and bonus content as well, students cover key topics like attracting an audience, branding, and community building, among others. The course also has more than a few fans and success stories to its name.

One student said of the content, “I was a naive, brand new streamer totally lost in content
creation. SCA helped me understand what it really takes to grow my stream and now I’m so

Yet StreamCoach.TV also recognizes that not everybody is comfortable with nor will do best with an online course. For that group of students, the platform designed an awesome one-on-one coaching service to deliver the same kind of impactful content offered in its courses. The one-on-one course not only emphasizes student progress but also gives the student the opportunity to engage in a mentor-mentee relationship with their instructor. This is also the key service area where StreamCoach.TV and Premier will collaborate in the future.

Working together in a fusion of their combined professional expertise and skillsets, the teams
behind each organization hope to deliver timely, cutting-edge, and actionable content that can
help today’s streamers become tomorrow’s superstars.


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