Make a Wish & Twitch Rivals

June 16, 2021
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June 16, 2021 chase peterson

Make a Wish & Twitch Rivals

Good luck to both teams representing Premier in the NA Twitch Rivals x @CallofDuty: World Series of Warzone NA Open on June 16 2021.

Today we get to celebrate something truly special.

In early April there was a girl in Atlanta waiting for her wish to come true – she has cancer and LOVES playing video games.

Her laptop was not strong enough to run all the games she enjoys (her favorite is Minecraft!), so her wish was for a gaming computer.

Today at 3pm members of Premier Esports LLC. are overjoyed with the opportunity to meet with her on Discord and celebrate the fulfillment of her wish during a virtual wish celebration to play some minecraft ❤

#gaming #minecraft #MakeAWish #esports–t13

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