July 12, 2021 Adrian Malhiers


Welcome back to another article, collegiate esports is on the rise and a lot more people have been getting invested into the space and today I’m going to be giving you five reasons on why you should not sleep on collegiate esports. Let’s get right into it.

Production background light ray bokeh blurry streaming esport
Production background light ray bokeh blurry streaming esport

1.  It’s still in an early stage

The infrastructure surrounding the scholastic and collegiate spaces is still being created where it would be made much more easier in the coming years for students from high school to make the jump to collegiate and then to pro and complete that cycle.

2. Many big colleges are utilizing esports

Over the past few years a ton of universities across North America have seen the opportunities that are present in the collegiate esports space and have started their own esports programs and are currently competing in some of the biggest competitions. Some of the biggest collegiate esports tournaments include Collegiate Rocket League (CRL), Collegiate League of Legends (CLOL) and College CoD (CCL).

Colleges have been funding state of art esports facilities within their campuses and have been providing a ton of opportunities to students to compete and also do other jobs such as casting, editing, producing etc. and gain that experience.

3. It’s more accessible

Unlike traditional sports, esports players don’t need to be a certain stature to be able to compete at the highest level and if needed you can do it all from within the comfort of your own house. During the global pandemic, schools and colleges were not able to conduct regular practice sessions and most games were called off but collegiate esports continued on in most cases and even took a jump with companies such as Barstool launching their own collegiate Warzone tournament.

4. There are a ton of opportunities

Just like mainstream sports, collegiate esports offers a ton of opportunities ranging from scholarships to scouting combines. Platforms such as eFuse and their new pipeline program have been building up leaderboards for the top players in collegiate esports under different games and offer resources for coaches to find the right talent for their school.

The best part is that you don’t need to be a competitive player to find opportunities in the collegiate esports space, universities and businesses are actively seeking new talent outside of just players. You can find open positions for shoutcasting, live production, internships and more on eFuse platform in conjunction with Hitmarker.

– The collegiate space is ever changing and we cannot wait to see how the industry is impacted by all of the amazing collegiate athletes! If you are on eFuse make sure to follow the organization page and keep up with the team! https://efuse.gg/org/premiergg. If you aren’t on the platform yet, WHAT AREYOU WAITING FOR?

5. It’s going to be the future of esports

Collegiate esports is filled with high potential prospects that have a great chance at going pro one day and taking over the competitive scene. Participating in the collegiate scene allows for them to learn a lot of valuable traits under a good coach and get them ready for the big leagues.

In a few years from now we’ll be seeing a lot more of the current collegiate players being on rosters for some of the biggest esports organizations in the world. A lot of the bigger organizations are already looking into the possibility of recruiting talent from college and as times goes on the process will be made much more easier.

So that’s going to do it, if you weren’t invested in the collegiate esports space before this then I hope that’s changed now. Make sure to stay tuned for more articles from us in the future and make sure to join the home team to stay up-to-date with all things Premier. Until next time, peace out.

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