PREMIER apex Players

Kyle "Crook" Hughes

2021-2022 Pro League

Apex Legends Global Series Pro League Split 2 is now over as teams are fighting for their “Last Chance” at qualifying for the Championship in July. You can view the Split 2 breakdown by following the link below!



7th place Split 1 Playoffs - Pro League

14th place ALGS: 2021 Split 1 Pro League - North America

5th place jbl quantum cup

1st Mazer Gaming Gives Back

2nd Legion Masters - North America

5-8th UMG - Champions Invitational 2

1st Place - ALGS Winter Circuit Last Chance Qualifier - North America

1st Place - Proving Grounds: Season 2

6th Nerd Street Gamers - Summer Championship

11th Place - ALGS Winter Circuit Playoffs - North America

3rd Place - NSG: Summer Championship - Monthly May Qualifier

2nd Place - Esports Arena: Series E Season 3 - Qualifier #2

3rd Place - GLL Community Cups #32 - North America

3rd Place - Trovo Titans 2021

1st Place - NSG: Summer Championship - Monthly May