2022 $1,000,000 Chess.com Global Championship

May 9, 2022
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May 9, 2022 Adrian Malhiers

2022 $1,000,000 Chess.com Global Championship

Atlanta Premier’s ChessCoach Competes in $1,000,000 Chess.com Global Championship.

Hey everyone and welcome back to another article, this one is about our very own ChessCoach who’s set to compete in the Chess.com Global Championship event which has a prize pool of $1,000,000. The tournament will be the first championship cycle to be open to all verified Chess.com players.

The tournament will feature different phases beginning with the Open Qualifier phase that is set to last from May 1 until July 31, that will be followed by the Play-In phase that will begin on July 11 and will overlap with the last three weekends of Open Qualifier events. After that comes the CGC Knockout stage which is set to begin on September 14 and that will culminate with the CGC Finals which will take place on October 31.

Open Qualifier Format

The Open Qualifier phase will feature 81 events that take place every Saturday and Sunday across three different times. It will consist of 11-round Swiss online tournaments with a time control of 10+0. The top four players from each event are eligible to the Play-In phase.

In the event of a tie occurring, Chess.com’s tiebreaks (Sonneborn-Berger) determine the final standings of each tournament and if the tie cannot be resolved even after that then all the players that are tied will be eligible to qualify to the Play-In phase of the tournament.

The Open Qualifiers will be taking place across the following times:

  • Qualifier #1: 6:00 am PT, 3:00 pm CEST, 6:30 pm IST, 9:00 pm CST.
  • Qualifier #2: 12:00 pm PT, 9:00 pm CEST, 12:30 am IST*, 3:00 am CST*.
  • Qualifier #3: 8:00 pm PT, 5:00 am CEST*, 8:30 am IST*, 11:00 am CST*.

Head over to Coach’s twitch channel at https://www.twitch.tv/chesscoachnet to watch all the action.

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